What are the readers saying?

“A delight!”  R.M., Murrietta, CA, USA.

“A fun read!  Curse you for causing me to ignore further my overdue library books.”   M.S., Seattle, WA, USA.

“I started reading this book and I believe I will finish it today. It is one of those when you start you can’t stop until you finish. I hope you are planning to write another one in a short time.”  M.B., Milan, Italy

“Je suis impressionné de ce premier roman, son esprit et son élégance, que j’ai lu d’une traite et avec beaucoup de plaisir.  Bravo. »  B.C. région de Grenoble, France

Having just finished Carolyn Eychenne’s novel “Sunrise over Paris”, I have to say it is really a good read! Enjoyable – especially in these rather grim times now – and one is tempted to read it straight away from the beginning to the end.
It is about cheating and vengeance – but that is only on the surface. Behind that there are wonderful descriptions of daily life in Paris and most of all: A great insight into France and what makes “the French” (sorry for generalizing!) so special.
I guess only by coming from outside one can describe a culture so perfectly to the point – and if it were just for this, one would simply HAVE to read this book.
So whoever wants to enjoy a few hours with a good novel and also whoever wants to deal in one way or another with France, and understand the people there – do read this! It is really great fun…”  Christian May, Vienna, Austria

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